Providing the Best Possible Care for Your Loved Ones

Bethel Home Inc. is where churches and communities have united to build a facility that will better serve our elders in their social, spiritual, mental, and physical needs. Our mission is to provide a community where the residents and caregivers feel loved, respected, and cared for.

Our Christian-based nursing home and independent living center provides genuine care in an environment that expresses the love of Christ.

About our founders

Bethel Home Inc. was established in 1948 as a not-for-profit organization to provide a comfortable Christian home for the elderly. We are owned and operated by 10 Mennonite congregations in Southwest Kansas, and we are still focused on the same goal as that of the founders. The original home has been replaced, and apartment complexes were added in later years.

Proper senior living, where "home" rings true

It's about respect

We believe our elders are useful, productive members of our community. Our goal is to make it possible for them to continue their valuable contribution to our society in an atmosphere of friendship, spontaneity, and comfort.

It's about individuality

We believe in the importance of knowing the resident and providing individualized, quality care. Allowing and encouraging our residents to maintain the greatest possible daily lives will be the key to a life of dignity and respect.

Living in a Place that Understands Your Needs

Bethel Home is a not for profit home for the elderly. In 1946 our founders, the Church of God in Christ Mennonite congregations of Southwest Kansas, envisioned a home where "Caring from the Heart" was practiced every day. With this maxim as their guiding star, a new building was constructed and opened its doors in 1948. Their vision of "Caring from the Heart" became a reality.

In the early 1970's the need for extensive updating was recognized. A completely new facility opened its doors in August of 1977, with a capacity of 63 full care residents and nine Independent Living Apartments. This current home has been updated and added onto many times. Some of our major additions include more independent living apartments, bringing the total to 46; and most recently, in the full care facility, our "Cottonwood Blvd" was added onto and transformed into a "Neighborhood".

A rich and interesting past is ours to reflect upon. For a number of years we housed an Obstetrics ward. We have also participated in the SWKS Senior Olympics, as well as many other special events. We continue to be sponsored by the Southwest Kansas congregations, and are striving to provide an atmosphere based on the original vision of "Caring from the Heart" every day for every Resident.
Living in a Place that Understands Your Needs

Providing the care your loved ones need

Bethel Home Inc. was founded to provide a comfortable Christian home for the worthy-aged. Our dedicated and caring associates are here to make sure your loved ones get the care they need and deserve.

Browse our site for more information on the services we provide, or to learn more about us and our community. We look forward to getting to know you.